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Faculty and Staff

College students often experience high levels of stress. Most students successfully cope with university life; however, some become overwhelmed. A significant number of college students have their education and personal lives disrupted by psychological problems. When psychological difficulties go untreated, the results can be serious and include academic failure and even withdrawal from the university.

Faculty and staff play a key role in identifying and responding to distressed students. As a faculty or staff member, you often get the first glimpse of students in trouble and may be the first person who students turn to for help. Responding to students in distress, however, can be confusing and overwhelming. The tabs below provide information on talking with professionals about students of concern and strategies to use when addressing student concerns.

Faculty and Staff Warmline

Warmline: A Non-Emergency Consultation Service

Phone Number: (301) 314-7651

The Counseling Center’s Warmline is a non-emergency helpline that provides responsive consultation to faculty and staff as well as parents and other family members who may be concerned about University of Maryland students experiencing emotional, social, and/or academic issues.

Faculty and staff are often the first to observe and respond to student problems. The Warmline offers concerned individuals the opportunity to speak with a mental health professional, who can provide support and advice pertaining to student-related problems.

What types of student-related concerns have been discussed by Warmline callers?

  • Signs of anxiety and depression
  • Assistance with encouraging a student to seek mental health treatment
  • Inability to select a major
  • Disruptive behavior in the classroom
  • Social withdrawal or difficulty making friends
  • Disturbing information expressed aloud or written in papers or on tests
  • Decreased attendance and failure to turn in assignments

What if my concern for a student appears to be an immediate emergency?

In the event of a life-threatening or severe emergency, call the campus police department at (301) 405-3333.

If off-campus, call 911 or assist the student in getting to the nearest hospital emergency room.

How do I contact the Warmline?

Call the Counseling Center at (301) 314-7651 and ask to speak with a counselor about your student-related concern. The person answering your call will ask for your identifying information (e.g., name, telephone number) and a brief description of your concern. The information will be given to the Warmline counselor, who will contact you within 24 hours of your call.

When is the Warmline available?

You may contact the Warmline during our regular hours of operation by calling (301) 314-7651.

The University of Maryland is committed to providing a safe learning environment that is conducive to educating engaged and thoughtful students. To this end, the University has established the Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment (BETA) Team to proactively assess and respond to reports of students who exhibit threatening or concerning behaviors. The BETA Team is a multidisciplinary and collaborative effort consisting of representatives from the following departments:

If you are concerned about the behavior of a student, either inside or outside the classroom, and you are not certain about how to manage the situation, you may contact a member of the BETA Team or submit a Behavioral Concern Report. This report can be filed anonymously. More information about the BETA Team and how to submit a Behavioral Concern Report can be accessed at the Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment (BETA) Team website.

In emergencies such as weapon possession, violence (including suicide threat or attempt), or property damage, act immediately by calling 911 or University Police at (301) 405-3333..

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