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Our Mission

The Counseling Center supports the University’s mission “to foster the education, critical thinking, and intellectual growth of its students, the creation and application of new knowledge, the economic development of the State, and effective engagement of its students, faculty and staff with the surrounding world.”

To advance the University’s mission, the primary focus of the University of Maryland Counseling Center is to provide comprehensive and effective psychological, career, academic, testing, accessibility and disability services to meet the personal, developmental, mental health, and educational needs of its diverse student body. We strive to uphold the highest standards of the University, the Division of Student Affairs and our profession for ethical and responsible service delivery.

Our dedicated professionals support the academic mission of the University through consultation, outreach and partnerships with faculty, staff, administrators, parents and other key stakeholders. The Counseling Center staff value and are engaged in on-going educational activities and experiences to enhance their knowledge-base and multicultural capacities. We provide services and programs that are inclusive, and give voice to the varied experiences of students by providing a safe place to be heard, appreciated, and accepted.

The Counseling Center promotes the values of the University and the profession, through research, teaching, and supervised training opportunities for emerging professionals.

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