Welcome to the University of Maryland Counseling Center
Welcome to the University of Maryland
Counseling Center
As the primary campus provider of psychological and consultation services,
the Counseling Center supports the personal, social, and academic
success of University of Maryland students.
Learning Assistance Service - Spring 2016 Study Tables
Learning Assistance Service
Strengthen your skills in time management, organization,
effective studying, notetaking, and exam preparation.
Free Group Therapy Sessions
Group Therapy Sessions
Group therapy is a highly effective way to explore a range of issues
as you interact with others facing similar challenges in a safe and supportive setting.
FREE walk-in support for diverse student populations
Walk-in Support
(Fall and Spring Semesters)
Students of color, LGBT students, international students,
and veteran students can spend time with a counselor without an appointment.
Calm Your Anxious Mind
Calm Your Anxious Mind
Mindfulness training promotes awareness
of mindfulness principles, such as acceptance and letting go, through
guided meditations and activities.
Testing Office
Take a Walk to
Reduce Final Exam Stress!
Learn other stress-coping strategies.
Student Health 101
Student Health 101
Student Health 101 is an online wellness magazine where University of
Maryland students can connect, learn, and get tips about managing stress,
eating healthy, working out, and much more.
Online At-Risk Trainings for Faculty & Staff
Online At-Risk Trainings
for Faculty & Staff
Kognito is an online, interactive gatekeeper training that can help you
talk with students and peers who are exhibiting signs of psychological distress
and motivate them to seek help.

   Counseling Center Notice

Due to the Big Ten Counseling Centers Conference, the Counseling Center will be providing limited services Wednesday, February 21 though Friday, February 23. On Thursday, February 22, the Counseling Center will close at 5:00 p.m. In case of a mental health emergency or an urgent situation requiring care after hours, please call (301)314-7651 to speak with a professional counselor. The Mental Health Service in the University Health Center will be open and available for urgent situations, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What’s Happening Now

After-Hours Crisis Support

Counseling Center Crisis Support Line: (301) 314-7651

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website

Sexual Assault Support

Online Training to Help Students in Distress

Kognito is an online, interactive gatekeeper training simulation for faculty/staff and students.

Kognito Training for Faculty and Staff Kognito Training for Students