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Our Staff

Our team consists of psychologists, professional counselors, clinical service providers, care managers, doctoral interns, and administrative staff who are here to help you. 

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Leadership Team

Portrait of Chetan Joshi (he/him)

Chetan Joshi (he/him)

Portrait of Yi-Jiun Lin (she/her)

Yi-Jiun Lin (she/her)

Assistant Director and Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Ted Pickett, Jr. (he/him)

Ted Pickett, Jr. (he/him)

Associate Director and Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Yu-Wei Wang

Yu-Wei Wang

Research Director & Assistant Director, Associate Clinical Professor

Clinical Team

Ongoing Care Team

Portrait of Alex Agiliga (she/her)

Alex Agiliga (she/her)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Allison Asarch (she/her)

Allison Asarch (she/her)

Coordinator for Outreach and Consultation Services and Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Shealyn Blanchard (she/her)

Shealyn Blanchard (she/her)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Maria Luz Berbery (she/her)

Maria Luz Berbery (she/her)

Training Director and Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Michelle Farrell (they/them)

Michelle Farrell (they/them)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Jihee Hong (she/her)

Jihee Hong (she/her)

Staff Counselor
Portrait of Grace-Ellen Mahoney (she/her)

Grace-Ellen Mahoney (she/her)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Erica Merson (she/her)

Erica Merson (she/her)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Urvi Paralkar (she/her)

Urvi Paralkar (she/her)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of David Petersen (he/him)

David Petersen (he/him)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Pepper Phillips (she/her)

Pepper Phillips (she/her)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of CJ Polihronakis (he/him)

CJ Polihronakis (he/him)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Merrill Reiter (she/her)

Merrill Reiter (she/her)

Staff Psychologist
Portrait of Chandni Shah (she/her)

Chandni Shah (she/her)

Staff Psychologist

Initial Access Team

Portrait of Christina Escobar (she/her)

Christina Escobar (she/her)

Initial Access Clinician
Portrait of Nehal El Guindy (she/her)

Nehal El Guindy (she/her)

Initial Access Clinician
Portrait of Chris Harlen (he/him)

Chris Harlen (he/him)

Initial Access Clinician
Portrait of Kristin Lilly (she/her)

Kristin Lilly (she/her)

Initial Access Clinician
Portrait of Rubi Mancilla (she/her)

Rubi Mancilla (she/her)

Initial Access Clinician

Care Management Team

Portrait of Kara Frome (she/her)

Kara Frome (she/her)

Care Manager
Portrait of Asia Malik (she/her)

Asia Malik (she/her)

Care Coordinator
Portrait of Meghan Rock (she/her)

Meghan Rock (she/her)

Care Coordinator

Clinical Trainees

Portrait of Stephanie Burrows (she/her)

Stephanie Burrows (she/her)

Doctoral Psychology Intern
Portrait of Seoyoung Lim (she/her)

Seoyoung Lim (she/her)

Doctoral Psychology Intern
Portrait of Lex Pulice-Farrow (they/he)

Lex Pulice-Farrow (they/he)

Doctoral Psychology Intern
Portrait of NaYeon Yang (she/her)

NaYeon Yang (she/her)

Doctoral Psychology Intern

Research Team

Portrait of Israel Abebe

Israel Abebe

Data Scientist
Portrait of Annabel Li

Annabel Li

Research Intern
Portrait of Carl Wachowski

Carl Wachowski

Research Assistant

Administrative Team

Portrait of Shannon Quarles

Shannon Quarles

Executive Administrative Assistant
Portrait of Kristin Townes

Kristin Townes

Business Manager
Portrait of Jeremy Lightner (he/him)

Jeremy Lightner (he/him)

Office Manager
Portrait of Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards

Human Resources Associate
Portrait of Margie Gibbs (she/her)

Margie Gibbs (she/her)

Administrative Assistant
Portrait of Yolonda Lawrence (she/her)

Yolonda Lawrence (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

Graduate Assistants 

Portrait of Shereen Ashai (she/her)

Shereen Ashai (she/her)

Graduate Assistant
Portrait of Nathan Quimpo

Nathan Quimpo

Graduate Research Assistant
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