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The Demanding Student

Demanding students can be intrusive and persistent and may require much time and attention. Demanding traits can be associated with anxiety, depression, and/or personality problems.

Characteristics of the demanding student

  • a sense of entitlement
  • an inability to empathize
  • a need for control
  • difficulty in dealing with ambiguity
  • perfectionism
  • difficulty with structure and limits
  • dependency
  • fears about handling life
  • Talk to the student in a place that is safe and comfortable.
  • Remain calm and in control.
  • Set clear limits and hold the student to the allotted time for the discussion.
  • Emphasize behaviors that are and aren’t acceptable.
  • Respond quickly and with clear limits to behavior that disrupts class, study sessions, or consultations.
  • Be prepared for manipulative requests and behaviors.
  • Call the Counseling Center Warmline (301) 314-7651 for help with identifying strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviors.
  • Refer the student to the Counseling Center (301) 314-7651 for counseling and/or a referral for off-campus therapy.
  • Arguing with the student.
  • Giving in to inappropriate requests.
  • Adjusting your schedule or policies to accommodate the student.
  • Ignoring inappropriate behavior that has an impact on you or other students.
  • Feeling obligated to take care of the student or feeling guilty for not doing more.
  • Allowing the student to intimidate you.
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