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Responding to the Failing Student

Facts About Failing Students

  • They may come to class late or have frequent absences.
  • They lack understanding of the course content.
  • They are unaware of campus resources that can help to fix the problem.
  • They exhibit negative thinking and behaviors early in the semester.
  • They lack preparation or interest in the course.
  • They struggle with balancing work, social activities, and academic responsibilities.
  • Encourage the student to make a private appointment.
  • Review the student’s performance in the course.
  • Make suggestions for improvement.
  • Refer the student to the following Academic Resources
  • Refer the student to the Counseling Service of the Counseling Center for personal/social counseling or educational/vocational counseling.
  • Concluding that the student just isn’t trying hard enough.
  • Waiting to connect with the student.
  • Presuming the student lacks the ability to be successful.
  • Discouraging the student who really does have the time to improve.
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