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Responding to the Academically Dismissed Student

Check the University’s Office of the Registrar’s website for official policies regarding academic dismissal.

Problems leading to academic dismissal often include wrong major; financial difficulties; too many outside work hours; an accident; illness of student or family members; the need for improved study skills, especially time management; and a failure to use campus resources.

The student can write a letter of appeal to the Faculty Petition Board, explaining specific problems during the semester and the planned interventions to insure future academic success.

  • Talk with the student in private.
  • Listen to the student’s concerns.
  • Remind the student that current academic requirements and policies are listed in the Schedule of Classes, in the UMD Catalog, and on the UMD website.
  • Have the student explain the main reasons for the dismissal.
  • Ask the student if he/she has seen an academic advisor.
  • Refer the student to an academic advisor to develop a two-semester corrective plan.
  • Encourage the student to write a letter of appeal to the Faculty Petition Board, Office of Reinstatement and Re-enrollment, Mitchell Building.
  • Refer the student to the following Academic Resources
  • Refer the student to the Counseling Service of the Counseling Center for personal/social counseling or educational/vocational counseling
  • Assuming the student can work through the problems without developing a network of support on campus.
  • Discouraging the student from applying for reinstatement.
  • Reaching the conclusion that the student will not be reinstated.
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