Learning Assistance Service

Academic Coaching

Students can meet individually with our dedicated academic skills coaches to learn how to:

  • Understand themselves as learners.
  • Manage their time and the demands of their courses.
  • Apply efficient learning strategies.
  • Develop effective study plans.
  • Improve the results of their study efforts.

Students can also participate in a formal academic coaching program, My Academic Plan (MAP). Students who participate in the MAP Coaching program will map out what is needed for their academic success and develop a specific plan for reaching their goals.

A MAP Coaching Program student will:

  • Determine why you are in college, your academic experiences, and available resources;
  • Identify your academic strengths and areas of growth;
  • Complete a learning skills inventory and discuss the result with your MAP Coach;
  • Develop a plan for meeting with your Academic Advisor;
  • Develop a plan for meeting with your instructors; and
  • Develop measurable goals related to your academic success
A 3-session minimum is required to participate in the MAP Coaching Program.

To make an appointment, visit our office, call us at (301) 314-7693, or schedule an online appointment. View the appointments page for detailed instructions.

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