Learning Assistance Service


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View the video or follow the steps below to login online.

Follow these steps to Login
  1. UMD students should use his/her Directory ID and Password to enter the system (Please note: Google Chrome is the preferred web browser).
  2. Click on search availability.
  3. Choose a service area (for example: Academic Counseling, Peer Assisted Learning, Math Learning, etc.) and schedule an appointment.

To Schedule An Appointment Online

Enter your UMD Directory ID and Password


Click Search Avaliability

Appointments Appointments

Click down arrow to select a Center (Academic Counseling, Math Learning, Peer Assisted Learning)

Appointments Appointments

Click down arrow to choose a Section (reason you are scheduling the appointment)

Select Date Range (will automatically provide 2 weeks)

Choose a Time that fits your schedule

Appointments Appointments

Colored Time Blocks Mean:

  • Blue = Walk-in appt.
  • Green = Individual appt.
  • Yellow = Group appt.

An appointment entry window will pop-up

Click Save to confirm selection

An email confirmation/reminder will be sent to you


Experiencing Difficulty Scheduling An Appointment?

Call LAS at (301) 314-7693.

Visit the LAS office in the Shoemaker Building, Room 2202.