Counseling Service

Referral Services for Students

The Counseling Center maintains an extensive list of off-campus mental health resources that includes psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and mental health agencies. Students who might seek referrals include those who are not comfortable seeking counseling on campus, who have been recommended by a Counseling Center counselor for longer term or specialized treatment, or who have completed short-term services at the Counseling Center and desire additional treatment.

Obtaining a referral begins with an appointment with our Care Manager, who will work to find the best fit related to your healthcare needs, location, and financial situation such as insurance coverage. If you are already in counseling at the Counseling Center, or have an intake appointment scheduled, your counselor will help you schedule an appointment with our Care Manager. If you are not already receiving our services and desire an off-campus referral, you can request a Care Manager referral appointment by calling the Counseling Center at (301) 314-7651.

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff also are eligible for referral services, which are free and confidential. Contact the Care Manager by calling (301) 314-7651.

Community Providers

We value our community provider partners and are always looking for referral sources. If you wish to receive referrals from the Counseling Center of the University of Maryland, please complete the community provider survey online. Questions about this process can be addressed by contacting (301) 314-7674.

Please complete the form online, but you can also print the form and fax or mail it to:

Care Manager
University of Maryland
Counseling Center
Shoemaker Building
4281 Chapel Lane
College Park, MD 20742