Counseling Service

Consult with a Counselor

Parent Warmline

Phone Number: (301) 314-7651

Parents, guardians, and other loved ones who have concerns about their UMD student may consult with a mental health professional by calling the Parent Warmline at the University of Maryland Counseling Center. Therapists are available to discuss concerns related to students’ personal, social, and academic challenges. Callers can explore options for helping their students resolve the problems. This might include directing them to seek help at the Counseling Center, where free individual counseling and group counseling are available. The Parent Warmline also can assist with referrals to off-campus mental health providers.

What types of student-related concerns have been discussed by Warmline callers?

  • Signs of anxiety and depression
  • Assistance with encouraging a student to seek mental health treatment
  • Inability to select a major
  • Substance use
  • Social withdrawal or difficulty making friends
  • Students expressing thoughts of suicide

What if my concern for a student appears to be an immediate emergency?

Please note that the warm line is not a crisis line. If you know of someone who is at immediate risk to self or others, please call the UMD campus police department at 911 (from on-campus phone) or (301) 405-3333 (from off-campus phone) or assist the person in getting to the nearest hospital emergency room.

How do I contact the Warmline?

Call the Counseling Center at (301) 314-7651 and ask to speak with a counselor about your student-related concern. The person answering your call will ask for your identifying information (e.g., name, telephone number) and a brief description of your concern. The information will be given to the Warmline counselor, who will contact you within 24 hours of your call.

When is the Warmline available?

You may contact the Warmline during our regular hours of operation by calling (301) 314-7651.