Note Taking

ADS offers eligible students two options for note taking; peer note taking and Sonocent audio note taking. Depending on a student’s disability and study preferences, one option may be a better fit than the other.

Sonocent Audio Note Taker

Sonocent is a more autonomous process that enables users to capture full recordings of classes and meetings and work with that audio by visualizing audio as chunks. Using the software during class keeps you engaged and allows you to categorize phrases so you can return to any part or category of the audio later. View a video for more information about of the software.

ADS students eligible for audio note taking will be referred by their ADS counselor to work with the Adaptive Technology Lab for training.

Peer Note Taking

Note taking is an accommodation designed to supplement students’ lecture notes with the notes of a Note Taker. ADS students with an approved note taking accommodation will now use the Online Portal system to obtain a Note Taker and download their course notes.

ADS students will be able to contact their chosen Note Taker via email.

Informational Handouts for ADS Students with an approved Note Taking Accommodation

What to do if No Note Taker is Available through the Portal

If a Note Taker is not currently available, you should ask your instructor to re-distribute the Note Taking recruitment information to your class.

If a Note Taker is still not available online after you have spoken to your instructor, please contact your ADS counselor for assistance.

Information for Current and Interested Note Takers

Students interested in becoming an ADS Note Taker will also utilize the Online Portal to apply and, if selected, upload their notes. The Online Portal system will facilitate the note taking selection process.

Informational Handouts for Note Takers

Information for Instructors

ADS Note Taking Contact Information

Phone: (301) 314-7842
Note Takers: Please call (301) 314-7682 to schedule your paperwork appointment.

Please note: These files are Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) formatted files. To view them, you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat file reader.