Counseling Service


Consultation involves formal and informal collaborations with faculty, staff, students, parents and family members who seek advice and information on issues of concern to them. Most commonly, consultation affords faculty, staff, students, parents, and family members the opportunity to get advice on how best to help or guide UMD students who may be experiencing distress or challenges.

Consultation with a counseling center staff member may involve an in-person meeting or a Warmline conversation.

Issues that are commonly addressed in consultation include:

  • Understanding how students can access our services
  • Identifying resources for students’ mental health, academic, or vocational concerns
  • Preparing concerned individuals to speak with a student in distress
  • Discussing accommodations for students with psychological and/or physical disabilities

To request an in-person consultation, please submit a Counseling Services: Outreach and Consultation Request.

The Counseling Center is a member of the Association of University and College Counseling Center Outreach (AUCCCO)